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Islamic Investments: a purer prosperity
  • Dedicated fund manager to oversee your portfolio every step of the way
  • Your money is only ever invested in Sharia-compliant funds
  • Regular reviews to maintain Sharia-compliance of your investments
  • Keep track of your portfolio 24/7 on-line, or by phone

With our experience of understanding and advising on Islamic investment funds, we are perfectly placed to guide you.

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Always structured to be strictly Halal, your money will not be invested in impermissible activities, and always in companies with interest-based debt of less than 33%. These Sharia-compliant funds can be managed as mutual funds, ETFs or hedge funds. In essence, these are common funds with an extra layer of ethical rules integrated into their investment policies.

Let us guide you

We offer a range of risk-based Sharia-compliant investment portfolios managed on a discretionary basis. These portfolios consist of well known funds, and are reviewed on a regular basis to maintain Sharia compliance. For expert help and guidance on banking and investments, please just call us on 01706 875 459

The opportunities for investment

At Islamic Wealth Management, our Islamic Finance experts actively manage your portfolio, giving you the confidence that all investments are always Sharia compliant, and all investment decisions are taken by a professional investment manager on your behalf. We’ll work with you to set each portfolio its own investment goals and pre-defined investment strategy.

Backed by the Islamic Bank of Britain

The investment portfolios we offer are all approved by The Sharia Supervisory Committee at Islamic Bank of Britain, who also act as the Sharia authority for the investment manager, which ensures your investments remain Sharia compliant.

What our client Says

“Islamic Wealth Management provided me with a bespoke service whilst adhering to my beliefs. I would strongly urge a discussion with them to consider guidance on financial matters such as pensions. I have no hesitation in recommending Islamic Wealth Management within the community.”
Anjum Cave,
Brian has been looking after IBB’s customers for a number of years. As an IFA he consistently provides excellent customer service and expert financial advice in a Sharia compliant manner. As well as IBB customers, Brian looks after IBB’s staff pension scheme arrangements. He is a great person to work with.
Imran Pasha,

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