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Prepare gracefully, with Islamic Savings

  • All wealth generated is from legitimate trade and investment in assets
  • We’ll only ever provide Sharia-compliant savings options
  • Any gains are shared between the initial capital and expertise providers
  • Our experts will make everything easy to set up and understand

There are many savings options that enable you or your business to build up a sum of money in a tax-efficient, Sharia-compliant manner. Our experts can take you through them all.

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Islamic Pensions

At Islamic Wealth Management, we’ve been working with a leading provider of pensions, so we can offer our clients an alternative to conventional, interest-based pension schemes. And we’re proud to have been instrumental in the launch of this new Islamic Pension product to the Islamic market.

  • Take out a tax free lump from the age of 55 – equal to 25% of the total fund
  • Choose from a range of low, medium or high risk investment option
  • Benefit from stock market growth in a purely Halal, Sharia-compliant manner

Islamic Savings Account

This is a government-approved tax-free investment where you can pay in up to £15,000 per year (as of July 14). You can pay into a cash, stocks or shares ISA, or a combination of all three. Unlike traditional ISAs, these are only invested across Sharia-compliant funds, and we would always recommend an ISA as a primary savings option, purely because it’s so tax-efficient.

For expert help and guidance on Islamic Savings, please just call us on 01706 875 459

What our client Says

“Islamic Wealth Management provided me with a bespoke service whilst adhering to my beliefs. I would strongly urge a discussion with them to consider guidance on financial matters such as pensions. I have no hesitation in recommending Islamic Wealth Management within the community.”
Anjum Cave,
Brian has been looking after IBB’s customers for a number of years. As an IFA he consistently provides excellent customer service and expert financial advice in a Sharia compliant manner. As well as IBB customers, Brian looks after IBB’s staff pension scheme arrangements. He is a great person to work with.
Imran Pasha,

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